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There will always come a time in a Southerly's life where the keel will require some maintenance, and where better to come than the original home of the Variable Draft Swing Keel. We can carry out all your requirements, from basic keel inspection and pennant adjustment (which we recommend every 5-10 years) to a complete removal and refurbishment for the older Southerly models to bring the specification up to modern standards.


With over 35 years experience of building Southerly Swing Keel yachts, our expert service is unrivalled.  


For a complete keel refurbishment, we will disconnect and remove the necessary equipment and components to gain internal access to the keel and its housing. We will then remove the keel bolts, hydraulic ram bolts and the pennant. After the keel and grounding plate are separated from the boat, we will clean the hull recess, inspect and repair and damage if necessary. The keel will then be cleaned and shot-blasted for rust removal, then primed and anti-fouled. Bearings, nylon blocks, rubber seals, steel plate and pennant will be replaced and the refurbished keel will be installed back into your yacht, all as good as new. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you any upgrades you may be considering for your yacht.

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